How to make a full-time income as an online content creator

This free, four part masterclass from Teachable will show you the 4 simple steps to making a secure, full-time income as a content creator (’s not ad revenue).

When you grab the FREE Full-time Creator Masterclass & Checklist, you'll learn...

  • Training #1: The four business models you can use as an “online creator” and the one that actually creates a win/win for you and your customers. One of these models, “The premium publisher” model is the approach Teachable’s most successful instructors use and your best strategy for creating a full-time income with an online course.

  • Training #2: A few real, behind-the-scenes examples of course creators becoming “premium publishers”. Learn how anyone, even if you have a tiny audience right now, can become a Premium Publisher and make way more money while actually serving their audience better.

  • Training #3: How to use the “6 stepping stones” you’ll need to create a full-time income from your course business. Learn how to offer high-end, valuable, transformative content that truly changes your audience’s lives for the better.  By starting with a free course, moving to a paid course, and gradually providing more value with premium courses, coaching, mentorship, and finally becoming the’ll learn the path forward to making 5, 6, maybe even 7 figures from your content.

  • Training #4: How to use Teachable’s tool to grow your business as a creator. Teachable has grown their revenue 49,000% since 2015. And they’ve relied on one tool, almost exclusively, to achieve this. Now, they’re pulling back the curtains and revealing everything you need to know to use it.

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